Part One of Dining Out with Coral Gables Mayor Slesnick: A Top 10

Jacob Katel
No tax payer dollars were used, nor special favors called upon, in the making of this series
"The New Times never calls me," Mayor Don Slesnick grumbled to a certain food writer one evening not long ago.  And if can I recall correctly, that same food writer quickly replied, "That probably means you're doing something right!"

Well in case you didn't get the memo, it's Coral Gables Restaurant Week until June 14.  So we present a multimedia series of culinary escapades with the inspirational head of The City Beautiful. There are culinary dine-amos coming soon to the neighborhood. There's a surprising large employer.  And most importantly, we'll describe what sea creature turns the mayor's stomach.  The Sles will even don an apron behind the line of Por Fin to make his favorite dish with Chef Marc Vidal...  You name it we ask it, debate it and film it all on the record.

Up first, a mayor's top 10 (plus one for good measure) to set the stage.

Favorite place for a business lunch: Anacapri on Ponce or Ortanique

Favorite place to entertain dignitaries:
Biltmore Hotel (Palm d'Or)

Best lawyer hangout:  Christy's

Best dish in the Gables: Huevos Por Fin at Por Fin  

DSC02172 small.jpg
Jacob Katel
Saying "manchego cheese!" behind the line at Por Fin (from left to right): Mario Sanchez, Mayor Slesnick, me, owner Carlos Centurion (behind me,) Gustavo Maquiera (behind Carlos,) Chef Marc Vidal, Mohammad Mahmoud and Markis Whatley

Best politician hangout: Café Abbracci 

Best timeless table: La Palma

Best hidden neighborhood gem: Heidi's Gasthouse (West Miami) or Uncle Tom's Bar-B-Que or Pepy's in the Gables

Best place to grab breakfast: Coral Gables Hyatt Regency

Best place to run into everyone you know: Villagio (Village of Merrick Park) or John Martin's Irish Pub

Place that satisfies your sweet tooth: Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Best new place: Yard House

You could say Coral Gables takes itself pretty seriously, but Sles, the city's longest running mayor at eight years in office, knows there's a time and place for everything.  Watch as he rocks out the deadpan humor in his national broadcast debut last year with the sultan of satire, Stephen Colbert, an appearance that earned him the Miami New Times "Best Quote of 2008."   Stay tuned for his Short Order Internet broadcast debut in the next installment. 

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