Freeloader - Cheese and Crackers Last Night at Brikolodge for Life Is Art Lecture

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Jacob Katel
Free I Say
It ain't easy being sleazy. Well, actually it is. Thanks to the internet, finding events you have nothin' to do with that are serving free refreshments is easier than ever. Freeloader will occasionally drop the dime on various functions crashed for the sake of complimentaries. Hey, a blogger gotta eat.

Last night, Life Is Art invited "artists of all disciplines, art professionals, art collectors, and art fans to come to our inaugural networker for the arts community! Of course, we are having complimentary wine and snacks."

Freeloader showed up, sat by the food and filled up on 2 types of crackers, three types of cheese, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, celery, red and green apples, and caramel and ranch dipping sauces. Here are some more images of the goods.
Did I also liberate a box of toothpicks from their cardboard prison and have the ungrateful schmucks stab my thigh as I rode bike home? Maybe....maybe
Caramel: how to trick kids into eating apples
The event itself was full of highfalutin talk about art, jobs, networking, managed funds, animation dealing, the gallery market, and taking stuff seriously. Maybe the type of people who are into that sort of thing would have found it interesting. If the food were as highfalutin as the hot air, freeloader woulda been eating lobster and shrimp.

In all seriousness, it was actually pretty cool and Short Order looks forward to attacking their cheese tray again in the future.

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