Miami-Dade Food Stamps - How To Apply For and Receive Benefits

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Recent, informal, New Times web research showed a poor return of official government websites providing information on how to apply for and receive food stamp benefits in Miami-Dade county.

A google search for Miami-Dade food stamps returned mostly pages about a hurricane relief program from 2005. As it turns out, food stamps are a state program and a google search for Florida Food Stamps returned a number #1 result for the Florida Department of Children and Families website, the department that handles such matters, through the official portal of the state of Florida.

That being said, the website carries a 2006 copyright, which bodes ill for their update maintenance.
image via from screenshot taken June 1, 2009
However, their Food Stamps Benefits page, available through Access Florida, is up to date and includes a Food Stamp Program Fact Sheet, in PDF format, from April, 2009.

Apply online for Food Stamps at

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