Obamas at Michael's Genuine in Miami's Design District?

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image via newstatesman.com
Obama in New Orleans

John Tanasychuk over at the Sun Sentinel's food blog, Sup, reports that Barack and Michelle ate at Blue Hill in NYC last Saturday for their date night.

Blue Hill is sposed to be some kind of local this, organic that, type of place, so Tanasychuk thinks that next time the Obama's are in town they should eat at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in the Design District.

Then he opens up the discussion to reader suggestions. Shouts of Le Tub, Manny's Steak House, couple Broward Bar-B-Que joints, couple ugly racist fried chicken slams, a soup kitchen on Sistrunk, Spanky's Cheesteak, Beef O'Brady's, and a bunch of other mostly Broward suggestions filled the comments section.

I'd recommend The Dude hit up the spot that most every chef in town shouts out when you ask em where they like to eat, Garcia's on the Miami River.

Where in Miami would YOU recommend the President eat?

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