South Dade's Own Robert "The Mango Man" Got That Rambutan

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Jacob Katel
Gee whiz, got damn! It's rambutan!
Robert The Mango Man is a carpenter turned tropical fruits dealer. He got the idea while plying his carpentry trade on the fruitful grounds of South Dade. "I was working and saw that these people got all these trees in their backyard that they weren't doin' nothin' with, so I said 'let's make a deal I take the fruit off your hands and whatever sells I'll pay you for and if they don't sell I don't pay.' Turns out it can be very lucrative."

Pictured above is a rambutan, which is native to southeast Asia, but grows just fine in Dade. It's described as lychee-like, but sweeter. Here are some more images of Robert The Mango Man's June bounty.
Jacob Katel
Half-eaten rambutan.

Jacob Katel
It's mango time! Get you some.
Jacob Katel
Sellin' out.
Jacob Katel
Rambutan sounds like the name for a bad guy in a Tarzan movie.
Jacob Katel
But it looks like an exotic version of the monsters from Critters.
Jacob Katel
Robert the Mango Man and the fam.
You can find Robert the Mango Man shopping his wares at various events promoted by Miami's own The Market Company.

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