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Jacob Katel
Stay Tuned...This Week Short Order Goes Behind The Line at Neomi's Grill
Short Order sees the web-food-media-movement growing and is proud to be a part of it, we are living in a golden age of information, but keep in mind there are many copyright, privacy, piracy, and plagiarism implications to everything we do on the internet. Here's some recent local content.

- Chef Michy joins the digital telegram movement, what, twitter is a stupid name.
- Chowfather hits up Bar Rosso by Chef Allen's in Aventura.
- Food For Thought Miami goes in the kitchen for a Paradigm Dinner.
- Chadzilla is a Multimedia Chef. Gain insight into a mind behind the line at the Trumps inSunny Isles.
- Mango & Lime attends a virtual potluck, makes savory mini cheese cakes.
- A Mingling Of Tastes is moving, makes pan seared trout with mint cilantro chutney before she goes.
- All Purpose Dark has a snack at Sosta on Lincoln Road, say meh.
- The Burger Beast continues to eat his way through Miami.
- Jeremiah Bullfrog talks food, music, and teh Boss

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