Brickell Irish Pub Open-Closed-Open?

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Jackie Sayet
Me want beer
An attempt to meet up with a close friend for pints at Brickell Irish Pub on Tuesday ended in disappointment, aside from the company that is!

Urban Daddy had reported the pub's opening on July 15, more than two weeks ago. What a bummer to arrived and find locked doors, lights off, and no one home but a lift and strewn wires.

A call placed today by husband of said close friend successfully reached the owner, who relayed that it's "supposed to open this weekend."  Calls placed by yours truly were not answered.

Settling for drink-weak Segafredo next door was the inevitable, so a word to the wise, Brickell Irish Pub: we are ready and waiting to shimmy up to your inviting bar for a tall, frothy cold one, so get a move-on before Waxy O'Connor's enters the picture.

Jackie Sayet
Open O'Sesame

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