Archive Diver - Dollar Off Poppyseeds Bagels in Sunny Isles Beach in 1988

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bagel reserve note full2.jpg
image via Miami New Times archives week of July 27 - August 2, 1988
Here's a question for the futurists, if a company has no trace on the internet did it ever really exist? Up til this blog post, Poppyseeds had no discernible web presence (except for maybe this corporate filing). A search of the New Times physical archives turned up the ad you see pictured above in a July, 1988 issue. Anybody remember anything about this place? Like bagels? Remember a great place that closed down? Leave a comment.

Here's a recommendation for a shop that's still open from this year's Best Of Miami for best bagel, Bagels & Co. (11064 Biscayne Blvd). Short Order decided to call and ask what was so great about their product. The person who answered the phone replied "You let me know when you eat them. I like them, but I want you to taste them first and then you tell me what's so good about them." Sounds like a plan.

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