Friday Food Funnies: Food Snobs

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This week, in place of our usual fall-off-the-chair funny jokes, we've plucked some witty definitions from The Food Snob's Dictionary by David Kamp and Marion Rosenfeld.

Bánh mí-Long an unremarkable if satisfying staple of Asian street food, the bánh mí has recently emerged as a fetish object for Caucasian Sandwich Snobs.

Chioggia beet-Chioggias are a popular ingredient in $15 designer salads because of the concentric circles of red and white that they reveal when cut open, evoking Op Art and the Target logo.

Crépinette-Small French sausage that confuses people who think that they have ordered a tiny crêpe.

Curnonsky-Pen name of Maurice Edmond Sailland (1872-1956), the premier French food writer of his time...Morbidly obese at the end of his life, he died when, one summer day, he leaned too far out a window, tipped over, and landed with a splat on the street below.

Omakase-The omakase meal, with its triple-digit price tag, businessman demographic, and strange air of simultaneous intimacy and awkwardness between host and guest, is the closest gastronomical approximation of the escort-john experience. being abused willy-nilly by Western chefs in their fusion experiments -- though the fruit lost some of its Snob cachet when it became an ingredient in an aromatherapy body wash for sale on QVC.

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