The Ladies of Guacamole House Make Healthy, Natural, Peruvian Foods

Jacob Katel
Can't Knock The Guac
Guacamole House has made natural food products for sale at local markets for about a year now. The food is all prepared by Alejandra Cruzado and Vilma Montoya and their motto is "Tu propia comida es tu propia medicina," which roughly translates to "your food is your medicine."

Vilma explains that "Guacamole has the vitamin A, the good cholesterol, and the natural acid from the avocado that detoxifies the body and is good for the skin. The olive oil is good for the heart and cleans arteries and the limon has the Vitamin C. The tomato is good for fighting prostate cancer, the onion helps out the lungs and respiratory system, and the cilantro gives it all a great flavor in a natural form."
Vilma is an author and wrote a book called "La Mejor Alimentacion Del Mundo Para Sanos Y Enfermos."

The ladies of Guacamole House sell guacamole, Peruvian Salsa, Peruvian ceviche, and Chicha Morada.
Jacob Katel
fuckakoolaid this a real thirst quencher
Chicha Morada is a traditional Peruvian drink dating back to Inca times. It's made from purple corn, pine apple, and other ingredients that went undisclosed when I asked. It is an intensely satisfying thirst quencher. It draws its color from the purple corn. "We boil the corn and do a lot of mixing with our secret recipe, don't think I'm gonna give you our recipe. It's good for high blood pressure, the kidneys, and fighting toxins in the body" said Alejandra Cruzado.
Jacob Katel
Guacaholymole that looks good
Jacob Katel
Now Dip Baby Dip
Jacob Katel
Table Wares
You can find the ladies of Guacamole House around town at the Aventura Mall, Lincoln Road, West Palm Beach, and Upper Eastside farmers markets. Log on to for more info.

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