Behind The Line at Michy's in Miami's Upper Eastside

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Jacob Katel
Chef Michelle Bernstein and husband, restauranteur, David Martinez
Chef Michelle Bernstein says "The first place I worked as a cook was Janjo's in the Grove for Chef Jan Jorgensen. At the end of my shift he'd say 'here's half a lime. Go clean the stove.' I said 'Can I get a whole lime?' and he said 'No. Too expensive.' He locked me in the fridge one time to make whipped cream. What a great first chef. He made me tough, got me ready for all the crazy French guys."

Asked what he does at Michy's her husband David Martinez says "I drink rum and cokes all day. Just kidding. I take care of the business. It takes a very unique personality to be in  restaurants. You have to be very passionate. If you just wanna get rich you're in the wrong business. We have 15 more years on the lease here. I would love to be here forever."

Michy's Chef De Cuisine Jason Schann says "I've been working with Michelle for like eight years. I worked in the corporate world for a while. I started at the Loews on South Beach then Houston's, the Mandarin. We have more creative freedom here. We have a standard of quality that you don't get in a corporate kitchen. We butcher our own meats, fish, make our own pasta. We do everything. Everybody has a voice in our kitchen. The majority of the menu is a collaboration. It's definitely different. Everybody makes us better as a whole, we all wanna be here, nobody's stuck."
Hector Laguna cooks.
Lissete Quijada readies an order to go out.
Will Lara and his carpaccio.
Michelle Jones behind a plate of foie gras.
Sinfore Bianc takes out the trash.
Tools of the trade.
Chef Michelle with a new ravioli.
Making the ravioli.
It cooks as it boils.
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