Joshua Gallander, Whiteboy From VH1 Reality TV, Shows New Times What's In His Fridge At Work

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Photos by Jacob Katel
Joshua Gallander is a character. Literally. You and millions of other people around the world have probably seen him somewhere on VH1's reality show lineup (I Love New York, or I Love Money) in his better known as persona "Whiteboy." But when he's not working on tv, he's working at the landmark Cutler Ridge pawnshop his family has owned for the past twenty one years on US1 and Caribbean Boulevard (SW 200 street). Click here for a 1990 New Times article on the subject.

Short Order took the turnpike south and asked Whiteboy "What's in your fridge?"
"The number one thing is we don't get lunchbreak, there's no half hour or hour where we don't work, so we're eating on site everyday" says Whiteboy.

His father Mr. Gallander adds "We bring our healthy stuff."
Whiteboy laughs. "Yeah he knows we're healthy, he saw our fridge. Two salads and bottles of hot sauce."

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