Lawyer By Day Launches Harmony Kettle Corn, Makes Gourmet Popcorn For The People

Jacob Katel
Kettle Corn, The New Batch
Brian Moore Esq. is a land use and development attorney by profession, but in his spare time he owns and operates Harmony Kettle Corn. "Handmade popcorn is usually treated as a gourmet concept and I think it should be available to everybody. It's like anything, if you really believe in it, the mission is to take it as far as it can go. I'd like to see Harmony Kettle Corn in grocery stores, but most importantly I'd like to see it in urban inner cities at an affordable price and use it as a vehicle to give youngsters experience with business concepts like supply and demand," says Moore.

Jacob Katel
Unpopped Corn
Right now the company is just me and my partner Al. We went to law school together. It started cause I like to eat kettle corn, and I talked to a guy I met at a seafood festival about how to make it. From there it went from a hobby to quite a project. We set up every Thursday at the Jackson Hospital market from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Jacob Katel
Cauldron Smoke
Jacob Katel
Attorney Brian Moore Makes It Do What It Does
Jacob Katel
Kettle Corn Waterfall
Jacob Katel
Fresh Popped
Jacob Katel
Bagged and Tagged
Jacob Katel
Just Another Day At The Office
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What happened to them? I've been looking all over for these guys and their delicious Kettle Corn. I need some now!!!

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