National Tequila Day Presidential CoSign, JFK On That Sauza - Top 5 Miami Destinations

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photo parody Jacob Katel. Original image via Presidential Archives
Just so you know, this image is from May 3, 1963, six months before tragedy, happy times, a good day for a motorcade, a great day for a drink and a backseat romp with the old lady. Short Order knows what you probably think when you see a picture of JFK and Jackie O in a convertible, this ain't the one.

Today is national tequila day. Here are some important things to remember. Don't drink and drive. If it's not "100% puro de agave" it's not really tequila. Despite what the entire rap industry would have you believe, there is life beyond Patron, and gold beats clear liquor. Try Sauza Hornitos, it gets the Short Order presidential cosign.

UPDATE: Here are some tequila destination suggestions for tonight:
  1. Fuerza Bruta - Arsht Center - 1300 Biscayne Boulevard - (305) 949-6722 - Frozen tequila pops by Barton G.
  2. Miami Beach VFW Post bar - 650 West Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139. (305) 672-1990. Cheap beer, cheap shots.
  3. Tobacco Road - 626 S Miami Ave - (305) 374-1198 - Great bar, live music.
  4. Happy's Stork Lounge - 1872 79th St Cswy Miami Beach, FL 33141 305-865-3621. Superdivebar with built in liquor store. Opent til 5 a.m.
  5. Fox's Sherron Inn - 6030 S Dixie Hwy. South Miami, FL 33143. (305) 666-2230. A 4 time New Times Best of winner for a reason. Ask for the Mexican Carbomb, a shot of tequila in a mug of Tecate.

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