Stop Hunger Food Bank in Miami Faces Closure, Here's How To Help

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Back in November 2006 when Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo likened Miami to a third world country it was based on his own xenophobic worldview.

But with assault rifle fire ringing out in new and brazen crimes monthly, cops shooting unarmed tourists, no jobs, and a dismal housing market, his third world comparison is starting to fit the bill.

Add the possible closure of Stop Hunger Food Bank in Miami to the list. According to executive director Julius Littman via a report "This is the first time in 30 years that we have faced the problem of shutting down."

Stop Hunger Food Bank used to move approximately half a million meals a month, and not just to feed bums. They help struggling working class families and old folks too.

From a technological standpoint the food bank is severely lacking. They don't even have a website, it's been suspended. Short Order sees their need for social network saavy volunteers to give them a web based fund raising presence. $1 pay pal donations from around the world would be a very good look for them. All you high school kids out there on summer vacation could be getting your graduation hours off this.

Stop Hunger Inc. is located at 12050 NE 14th Ave in Miami. Their phone number is 305-891-8811. Log on to for more ways to help. Miami stand up.


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