Wine Tasting Arrives on Your Doorstep courtesy of WineLifeStyle

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No one will label you a heathen if you choose the wrong wine to pair with your lamb shank. But if you choose a red Bordeaux that makes the juicy meat sing -- you could quite possibly be looked at as a savvy individual, well-versed on how to enjoy the culinary intricacies of life. WineLifeStyle is a company that's dedicated to making you into an anti-heathen by bringing its traveling wine tastings to your private events.

Julie Mushett handles the wine portion and Elizabeth Guerra of Relish will bring the food. All you have to do is provide the venue (your home, office, or brothel) and 10 to 100 of your closest friends. WIth packages starting at $35, WineLifeStyle offers an easy, affordable way to learn something new and have fun while you're doing it. Whether wine is your choice of poison or not, it won't hurt to know what a Dolcetto is.

WineLifeStyle recently came by the <i>New Times</i> office to give us a taste of, er, a taste and we took some flicks. Check out Grilled Duck Breast with BBQ Blueberry sauce, a 2007 Pinot Grigio, and homemade Almond Shortbread Cookies - not in that order - after the jump.

winetaste 006.jpg
Micro-Green Salad with Mango, Reed Onion and Mango Dressing + Pinot Grigio, "Klodic" by Sant' Elena in Friuli 2007
winetaste 014.jpg

Grilled Duck Breast with Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Roasted Purple Fingerling Potatoes + DOlcetto, "Munfrina" by Pelissero in Piedmont 2007

winetaste 018.jpg
Zabaglione with Macerated Berries and ALmond Shortbread Cookies + Braccheto by Braida in Piedmont 2007

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