Archive Diver - Bobby C's Sports Bar of South Beach, Ad From 1988

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image via Miami New Times Archives week of August 3 - 9, 1988
Gotta be honest with ya folks, wasn't able to find out much of anything about Bobby C's Sports Bar (2024 Collins Ave.), but damn if it don't look like it may have been a cool place to hang out. Short Order wouldn't be surprised if off duty police hung out there making money bets on sports with local cocaine cowboys. We figure that maybe as many informants flipped in there as did hamburgers. Shit, they had liquor, beer, satellite tv's, food, and they were open til 5 a.m., a person so inclined could swim a drunk off in the morning, work a couple hours, hit the bar, keep the beer flowing, claim the address, and live outta that place. They even advertised video games. That right there says a lot. In 1988, a shiny new Ms. Pacman or Galaga rig was high bar technology. Course, since I was 6 when this ad ran this is all conjecture based on a life of cop shows, gangster movies, and Nintendo. Anybody know anything about this place? Leave a comment.

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