Archive Diver - Zephyr Hills Natural Spring Water Home Delivery Ad From 1988

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image via Miami New Times archives week of August 10 - 16, 1988
Did you know that Zephyrhills is a city in Pasco County, Florida? Short Order always thought it was somewhere in Switzerland, where mountain folk make water out of melted snow far away from cars and people. Shoot, Zephyrhills is hardly a stones throw from Tampa. The Zephyrhills Water Corp was founded in 1961 by Don Robinson. In 1987 Nestle bought him out and have taken the brand worldwide. Zephyrhills brand natural spring water is collected from multiple spring sources in the Zephyrhills area. Florida has a great and complex underwater aquifer system that runs clear under the whole state. Nestle has tapped into it and been making a killing ever since. The above ad appeared in an August, 1988 issue of the Miami New Times. Zephyrhills is still offering home delivered water service to this day. Guess advertising pays off, oh and bottling water too.

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