Fieldtrip To Green Garden Organics Soil-Grown Microgreens and Wheatgrass Farm In Pictures

Jacob Katel
Louis and Kim Duncanson of Green Garden Organics Inc.
Green Garden Organics Inc. supplies all Florida Whole Foods Markets with wheatgrass they grow themselves, certified organically, on their indoor farm in an industrial warehouse in a strip of others like it near Miami International Airport. Louis Duncanson says "I grew my first tray of grass 31 years ago." Duncanson, his wife and their small crew also grow a variety of microgreens that find use by chefs in the restaurant industry.

Duncanson explains that his secret is the soilmix he uses and the de-sodium chlorided, mineral rich sea water he uses for planting. "We have a special mix, a very special mix. I'll give you some clues to what's in it: coconut husk, pearlite, peat moss, sea vegetables, crushed lobster shells, and no manure, cause this is for eating, and you don't want to eat manure do you?"
Trays on top of trays in the grow room.
Louis says of the seawater "We take out the sodium chloride and leave all the minerals. That makes all the difference." His wife Kim says "Make sure you mention he's a licensed nutritionist. He works with a lot of cancer and AIDS patients."

The Duncanson's used to keep an outdoor farm in Coconut Grove, where they live, but say "We grow indoors because of the pollution, acid rain, and lead in the atmosphere, all that stuff.

The U.S. governement is the one who started all the testing on wheatgrass years ago, anticipating nuclear war, they were looking for a green superfood that grows fast.

People say a shot of wheatgrass is like a blood transfusion."
Bottoms up. According to Duncanson most people take a one to two ounce shot a day, but cancer patients may drink two 8 oz servings a day.
To your health.
Louis goes on to say that wheatgrass is full of "Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, over 100 different trace elements, a full spectrum, like potassium, magnesium, zinc, gold, silver, all in trace form. It's also full of chlorophyll and all the vitamins: A, B, C, all that stuff. One ounce has the equivalency to 5 pounds of carrots or 2 and 1/2 pounds of organic vegetables.
Kim Duncanson
Kim says, "I do the local deliveries. We work with Athens, the oldest juice bar in Miami, on Collins and 71st, The Last Carrot in The Grove, Sun Juice in South Miami, Smoothie King on Alton, by FIU, and on Biscayne next to The Daily, also Juice Zone and Key To Health on Key Biscayne.
"That's Brandon, he's been with us for years, since he was 16."

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