Full Moon Parties Tomorrow Night on South Beach at DiLido Beach Club and The National

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image via DiLido Beach Club
Howl, hoot, holler, eat and drink like a coyote, not the kind that transports contraband, the kind you can find with their eyes to the sky. Tomorrow night is a full moon and that means the beach is one of the best places to enjoy it in South Florida. Sure you can pack a couple bottles and some sandwiches and do it up yourself, but if you're more inclined to relax plush cabana style and enjoy the telescopic accoutrements and culinary finery of the DiLido Beach Club, then 1 Lincoln Road is the place to be. They've got a special food and drink menu just for the event. Top Chef Jeff McInnis will be there, not in the kitchen, just to hang out.

If free Dziaq cocktails (8 - 10 p.m.), fire breathers, belly dancers, tarot card readers, and live drumming are more your speed, then the National Hotel's Luna party (1677 Collins Ave) is where you should go.

After the jump, the DiLido's menu for the evening and the National's flyer for their party.

Spiced French Fries                         $5

garlic chili aioli, fresh herbs


Chick Pea Falafel                            $8

hummus, raita, olives                                     


Roasted Feta                                       $8

watermelon, celery, basil oil


Shrimp Cocktail                               $15

horseradish harissa


Prosciutto "Wraps"                          $9

grilled peaches, arugula, ricotta


Crudo Tuna                                         $9

vinegar pepper jelly, avocado sorbet


Fava Slider                                         $9

lettuce, tomato, pickled vegetables


Lamb Gyro Flatbread                      $14

pickled mango, raita


Apricot Glazed Chicken Kebab     $12                                   

braised fennel, apricot           


Tamarind Barbeque Steak Kebab     $16

candied eggplant


Preserved Lemon Shrimp Kebab       $17

 peppers, garlic

DiLido Riblettes                                $8

             Moroccan barbeque sauce, cilantro


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