Homestead's Farm Share In Pictures

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Jacob Katel
Farm Share clients
Farm Share is a non-profit organization that provides food directly to 6,500 families a month. They also work with 250 agencies to distribute fresh produce, donated goods, and USDA commodities to people all over Florida.

Mayor Carlos Alvarez's budget proposal for 2009/10 eliminates funding for all Community Based Organizations. Mayor Carlos Alvarez's budget calls for the elimination of an established, efficient system for the distribution of surplus food to people who need it, at a time when they need it most, in a country where other cities are working to promote these type of services. Mayor Carlos Alvarez's budget calls for taking food out of the mouths of 6,500 Dade County families a month.

Log on to and call and email our county commissioners to tell them Farm Share and community based organizations are important to us.

Here are some pictures of what we'll lose if you don't...
The warehouse
A truck.
Corrections officers in charge of inmate labor.
Food for people who need it.
Staple foods.
Bread, blueberries, biscuits

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