Raul Hurtado Catering at Univision's Viva El Sueño Party

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Jacob Katel
What do you feed a bunch of hungry Latin American tv executives celebrating the launch of a new reality tv mega show? That's what Raul Hurtado's gourmet catering company must have asked themselves while planning their service for a launch party for Univision's new Sunday night show Viva El Sueño.

From what little information I could glean by jumping in the middle of their operations behind a set of heavy black curtains, and walking a couple times around the party, the answer was hors d'oeuvres, meat on a stick, sushi, shrimp, and booze.

Short Order cannot say who handled beverages, but Raul Hurtado Gourmet Cuisine and Catering Services had the food department on lock with a lady grilling meats for skewers in an alley between studios, what amounted to an assembly line cranking out bite size morsels, and a dude spiking shrimp with plastic spears on a specialized LED lit tray.

Here are just a few shots of the action...

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