Patty King's Gas Station Jamaican Patty

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Jacob Katel
"Red Dot" Jamaican patty, that means spicy beef.
Plastic cube, metal tongs, yellow pies with colored dots. Gas station patties are a South Florida staple. We picked this one up at an Amoco on 34th and Biscayne. It is a Patty King meat pie. Their product is pretty much everywhere and we trust and enjoy it.  Sometimes we stop to consider what the pattie's gone through since it hit the market place, then we get one anyway. Those tongs are there for a reason, and if we're buying from a shop that we know then we'll use them. But if there's one thing you've gotta watch out for it's that soggy bottom patty. Terrible. You gotta check your patty, no way around it, gotta do quality control. If you stop to consider how many people probably don't use the tongs to pull a meat pie, how many paws a day reach around searching for that perfect crust, dodge a sketch, check for temps, do the flip, then you're probably not gonna eat one, so don't stop to think about it. Gas station patties are what they are. Delicious. Here's what the inside of one looks like...
Got any good Jamaican patty stories, where are your favorite places to get them? Leave a comment.

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