The Filling Station - A Downtown Miami Burger Joint With Character

Jacob Katel
The Filling Station crew.
The Filling Station (95 SE 2nd Street) is Downtown Miami's only automotive themed hole in the wall burger joint. The interior boasts red brick printed wall paper, hurricane shuttered wallspace, and sayings like "My favorite animal is hamburger." The menu features items like the Big Mack Truck Burger (a double cheddar burger with fried onions and pickles) that'll land your picture on the wall of fame if you order it.

They have been open since May 2009, but have a history in the area. Catering Operations Manager Steve Lantz (above, far left, who you may recognize from Burn Notice season 2, episode 1 and a local Toyota commercial) says "We were here from 94' to 98' on the same block. We sold, opened Union Square in the Wachovia Building, and now we're back here again as The Filling Station."

Short Order stopped by recently to check the place out. Here's what we saw...
Through the kitchen window.
Steve Lantz takes a breather.
College student Laurah gets her order.
A Caddy (fresh, thick, juicy ground beef burger...$7.01) with added sauteed onions and mushrooms she describes as "pretty delicious."
I order an Alec's Hot Rod (spicy buffalo fried chicken with fried onions and creamy bleu dressing on the side...$7.94)
Onion ring closeup.
Taters came stock, sub sweet potato fries for $1.87. Strangely enough it appears they do not serve traditional fries.
These are pretty good though.
The wall of fame.

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