Top 10 Old School Fast Food Toys and Collectibles

My bloodtype is gravy. Mmmm.....gravy.
You could say fat runs in my family. Like, genetically. That's my great grandpa to the right. They called him Chins Mulliggan.

He was an Irish gangster. A hard drinking killer that carried tripe in his overcoat pockets, and taught my father to do the same.

So I don't entirely blame the fast food industry for suckering me into a lifelong obsession with fried foods via the toys they used to market their food to me as a kid.

Fact is I probably would've weighed 320 regardless. Plus, I still collect the toys.

Here are some of my favorite retro fast food toys:
10. Burger King, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Late '80s, early '90s: I used to have the whole collection until my older brother made a bong out of Leonardo. Don't ask where he put the bowl.

9. Long John Silver's, Free Willy 2 - Early 90's: Gotta love the irony of a fish house with a sad whale for a toy.

8. McDonald's, Hamburglar hand puppet - '80s: Me and this guy had some good times. He was my partner in crime. We used to jack fools for cheeseburgers together.

7. Hardee's, California Raisins - 1988: Did anybody else have the Meet The Raisins album on tape? Man those wrinkly fuckers could sure carry a tune. I miss them.

6. Dairy Queen, Double Dip Ice Cream Cone Fishing Lure & Whistle - '98 and '91: If you've ever gotten high and mistaken a piece of plastic for actual food then you know as well as I do that plastic shards will cut you to hell. Do not swallow.

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