Top 10 Old Time Vintage Candy Brands That Are Still Relevant and Some That Aren't

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Old people like to talk about "way back when," and how everything was different, and better. Like "Back when I was a kid a candy bar cost a nickel, and that's when a nickel meant something."

Check out the ad to the left. We can't figure out why, if a nickel meant so much, they're telling people to shoplift their product. That red hat broad is obviously a thief. A low down, rotten, candy boosting, glove and masked jacker getting her shop lift on. Read the copy. It's clear as day.

That ad must be from the 50's, and people are still stealing Baby Ruth to this day. That is one classic candy.

Here are 9 more, and a couple of extras.
Mary Janes. Yellow wrapper. Red lines. Black writing. You went from getting these on Halloween to giving them out. Your parents probably did too, even if they lived in Norway. Look at the little girl mascot, acting all innocent. She's actually a money hungry global corporate candy machine.

Something pleasant to do with your spare dime? Dime? These days you can't even get a dime for ten cents, lucky for a half a chocolate chip for a quarter, barely get an almond for a dollar. Mars goes way back in the candy bar game. They hit a real smash with that Mars Bar.

Reese you clever bastard. The chocolate peanut butter cup is genius. The kind of love at first bite people remember for the rest of their life. Talk about brand loyalty. Reese's are an American icon.

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