Sidewalk Chef's Recipe for Chicken Shashank from his New Book

art by Hector "The Director"
Shashank Agtey is the Sidewalk Chef, a wacky South Florida entrepreneur with over twenty years experience in professional kitchens starting at The Forge on Miami Beach back when it was still owned by gansgta gangsta Meyer Lansky.

We've written about the Sidewalk Chef before, click here and here to follow the journey. Shashank is always busy and every once in a while tells us about new developments.

Chef will start teaching his Miami Dade College cooking class on October 24th. The class is called Cooking Under Fire with Chef Shashank.

Today, we bring you a recipe for Chicken Shashank from the brand new Sidewalk Chef cookbook. Click here for purchase infor through his website.

Chicken Shashank Recipe-1.jpg
Chicken Shashank Recipe-2.jpg

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