Tales From The Drive Thru: Hand Jobs, Weed, and Spit Shakes

Everybody's doing it.
Sometimes, everything you've ever feared about the drive- thru is true. Careful what you say into that fast food speaker.

Short Order recently met Trew Money, his rap name, in a local bar and grill kitchen where he was working as a dishwasher.

We asked if he had any funny stories from working in the restaurant business and his face lit up, he cracked a smile, and he said, "Yeah...I got some stories dawg."

"I was working at a Steak-N-Shake in Hialeah Gardens that's closed down now. All of us that was working there were young, like 16, 17, 18.

First off, the manager was fu#*!cking one of the servers. Well, then he started fu*#!cking another one, and the first one found out, and that was just drama right there.
One of the server girls gave me a hand job in the freezer. We was both on the clock. I got paid for that. We went in there and were messing around, and then she just went right for it, like bam! We were in there for like 5 minutes and I nutted on the floor and left it there.

We used to smoke weed not in the freezer or the kitchen, but out in the parking lot, by the drive thru.

One time this old man went through while I was working the drive thru and he just kept dissing us like 'oh, you can't understand English,' so I spit in his vanilla shake...like a nice juicy one broder. Hahahaha, too many stories from there."

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