Top 10 Drunk Munchies For Broke College Students, Bonus Lolz Drunk Pics

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via Payton Chung's flickr hungry.
"Dude. So, fuckin', hungry. Let's eat."

Whether you're poking key holes into malt liquor tall cans in an abandoned field, drinking $10 Heinekens at a club on South Beach, slamming shots at home with friends, or draining funnels from a second floor fire hose beer bong, there will always reach a point where you hear, say or agree to heed the call for food, glorious food.

Here is our Top 10 list of drunk munchies, the foods you find yourself eating while intoxicated.
Henry how's that spaghetti??

10. Your roommate's leftover spaghetti. Because it's free, easy, and only takes the effort of swiping what ain't yours, and laughing about it when you get caught red handed, mouthed, and shirt sleeved...don't act like you don't have any clothes with spaghetti stains.

drunk munchies

9. Belligerent chef's food. "I'm not even that drunk, and I once ate a whole turkey, I mean made a whole turkey, I knew a guy who stuck his dick in a turkey, what's that smell, no I'm not burning anything, yes peanut butter does too go good on Ramen noodles, it's like Thai food or something."

Drunk munchies so I'm eating cheese!

8. Cheese.Yeah, that's right, cheese. This one's good for party girls who don't wanna hook up, cause nothin says "hey sexy" like cheese breath mixed with hunch punch and cigarettes.

Drunk Munchies

7. Chips. Holy shit, I think I'm finally gonna get laid....but these chips, are, just, so, damn, crunchy. I am waaasted.

The worst drunk munchies ever

6. The random shit from the fridge. The following is the description provided by the person who uploaded the above photo to webshots: "1/2 gallon of ice cream, 1/2 box of ritz smothered in peanut butter, entire bag of baby carrots dipped in an entire bottle of ranch dressing, and 2 pieces of fried chicken...Emilie, you deserve to die." Classic.

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