Viva VIA - Starbucks Redefines Instant Coffee

Via 3 Packs_US_opt.jpg
We all know instant coffee sucks, which is why Starbucks refers to its' new line of VIA coffee powder as "Ready Brew". Whatever you call it, both the extra bold Italian Roast (which I sampled in the store), and the mellower-but-still-potent Colombian (prepared at home) turned out to be startlingly Starbucksy in taste. Each packet gets mixed with 8-ounces of hot water and voilá: a rich, strong cup of coffee. Works just as well with cold water for a quick ice coffee. It's $2.95 for a 3-pack, $9.95 for a 12-pack. Might not want to substitute this for your daily joe, but think of all the times you want a cup of good coffee and can't get to one. VIA will come in very handy on those occasions.

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