Dividing and Conquering 'Cued Pig at Ribfest 2009

Jackie Sayet
Victors and spoils: Trophy tchotchkies as colorful as their owners get carted around the competitive BBQ circuit and have the scuff marks to prove it.
This past Sunday, I joined foodie friends and bloggers Steve, Paula, and David on a tiny trek to Homestead for a taste of America -- and what could be more U, S of A than barbecued pig, funnel cake and roasted corn vendors, and cowboy and tchotchke stalls of all kinds?

Now mind you, I know it sounds like fun and games, but the annual event brings serious competition between the "Ribbers," with a horde of trophies at stake to add to their overflowing and quite colorful collections. Also, it's even a more imposing challenge for attendees, who must attempt - as any respectable rib eater would - to sample as much diverse 'cue as possible in mere hours.

All I will say is thank god my seasoned company (I was the only newbie to Ribfest) had a plan of attack!  Divide and conquer (always a good idea in most situations) by splitting up and bringing back our spoils to a picnic table to share and compare. Brilliant. I recorded the experience on my food blog, Kitchen Interviews.  Here is the event, in pictures

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