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Detail of a New York Times Advertisement - 1895
An old lady reads the gray lady.
Sunday, New York City, the world; literally hundreds of people will read the newspaper that made newspapers famous.

Good thing they have a website.

Yesterday's Sunday Times Magazine, in a pre-preemptive strike on Art Basel madness, featured Miami, our restaurants, hotels, spas, dives, and clubs.

Here are their food highlights (as determined by Suzy Buckley) in order of appearance:
  • David's Cafe II for coffee and a pastelito.
  • Grassfed burger and beer at 8 oz. Burger Bar.
  • Champagne at Caviar Kaspia at the Webster Hotel.
  • Dinner at Prime 112.
  • Fontainebleau has eight restaurants.
  • BLT Steak at the Betsy Hotel.
  • Pork dumplings at Hakkasan.
  • Crispy Beef at Mr. Chow.
  • Wonton Soup at Phillippe.
  • Lemongrass Skewered Chicken at Asia De Cuba.
  • Ham and Chees Empanadas at Go Go Fresh Food Cafe.
  • Ropa Vieja at Islas Canarias.
  • Black Bean Soup at Las Culebrinas.
  • Arroz Con Pollo at Enriqueta's Cafe.
  • Late night eating at Yambo.
  • Sra. Martinez for "the unmissable foie gras with brown butter apples and braised pork."
  • Pizza Volante "Jonathan Eismann's Roman-style, industrial-chic pizzeria and mozzarella bar."
  • "Fratelli Lyon's sumptuous plates of salumi, cheese, pasta and seafood."
  • Il Gabbiano: "in a primo space tucked behind a downtown high-rise."
  • Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market "the best dolphin sandwich in town."
  • Monty's: "Graze on overflowing platters of seafood and chicken wings during a crowded half-price happy hour."
  • Smith & Wollensky for drinks and oysters with an ocean view.
  • Jimbo's for smoked fish and beer.
  • Versailles restaurant for eats in Little Havana.
  • for food bloggage.

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