Q&A With Chef Jonathan Eismann

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Eismann at Pacific Time
His new Q and Fin restaurants in the Design District are getting set to open. Short Order be taking a peek tonight and reporting it tomorrow, but we wanted to at least find out one or two things about those new ventures beforehand, and Jonathan obliged.

New Times: Could you give us an example of a menu item we might see at Q?

Jonathan Eismann: Cold-smoked, shaved Florida ham drizzled with a dark mustard honey on a cottage cheese roll.

NT: And at Fin?

JE: South Florida dayboat Spanish mackerel and/or Manhattan-style florida clam chowder.

NT: What will the price points be for each place?

JE: $5 to $19 at Fin, $7 to $19 at Q.

NT: Your personal favorite pie at Pizzavolante?

JE: The pizza picante: spicy Calabrian salami with local mozzarella.  Equally as delicious, the Brooklyn-style calzone with ricotta, Italian ham and basil.

NT: Will Q be at the BubbleQ this year?

JE: Yes.

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