Bullfrog's Gastropod Goes Live Today

Jacob Katel
The Truck
Bullfrog's GastroPod, a gourmet food truck, goes live today in Wynwood, 1/4 block west of NW Second Avenue on 27th Street.

This stationary unit is the precursor to an actual moving vehicle that is currently in the Carolinas getting fixed up right.

Is the chef ready for tonight, will the Gastropod go live as every other local food news service has reported? Bullfrog says "I don't know, I'm workin' my tail off over here man. Somethin'll be there, even if it's just me with a big smile on my face."

Bullfrog's Gastropod is set up in front of the warehouse space that's housing the Independent Thinkers Art Fair. A band is playing tonight, and the streets are electric with energy.

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