Chris "Ludacris" Bridges Talks Conjure Cognac, Eating in Miami, and Drinks for Breakfast

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20 million album selling rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges with world renowned Cognac maker Kim Birkedal Hartmann.
No competitive cognac introduced to the market in the past 50 years? That's Ludacris.

A new cognac to dip cigars in? That's Ludacris.

Conjure Cognac? That's Ludacris.

If you haven't heard yet, actor/musician and Grammy-winning, more-than-20-million-album-selling Chris "Ludacris" Bridges has partnered with Norwegian-owned Birkedal Hartmann to produce Conjure Cognac.

The stateside product launch is in Miami and Atlanta. Conjure can also be found in Norway, England, and South Africa.

Short Order asked Ludacris about smoking weed, thick legs, and his favorite restaurants in South Florida.

Here's what he had to say.

Short Order: We heard Conjure Cognac is aimed at the ladies, is that right?

Ludacris: It's for everybody but we're tryin' to let ladies know how well it mixes . Not as many women drink straight, they like mixability, and so you could say it's for the ladies. Different women like different mixes from what I've seen.

Short Order
: Does Conjure Cognac go well with weed?

I plead the Fifth on that question.

Short Order:
Best kind of blunt or cigar leaf to dip in Conjure?

We've experimented with cigars. A lot of people dip cigars into cognacs. I encourage individuals to try it... cigar papers, cigars themselves, all that different stuff. Dip it.

Short Order:
If a bar doesn't sell Conjure, do you recommend sneaking it in to the club?

I'd rather go the legal route. Let's get it distributed there as opposed to try and sneak it in. I don't feel the need to force anything. People that don't know about it, they will soon. Everybody that's sleeping will eventually wake up.

Short Order:
Where is Conjure Cognac manufactured?

Out of France. Cognac, France -- 100 percent pure authenticity.

Short Order: Why cognac?

Ludacris: I saw a lot of other individuals, celebs, and entertainers getting into spirits, especially vodka. But there hasn't been a competitive cognac introduced for over 50 years. And if people really did their research, they would see that. Conjure is here to fill a void in the liquor and spirit industry.

Short Order: What cognacs were you into before Conjure?

Ludacris: I drank everything from Henny to Remy to Louis the 13th. Conjure is pretty much like all three mixed together. Eight cognacs mixed in with X and Os and  VSOPs for the same price, with better-quality product, for a great deal.

Short Order: Why are you launching in Miami and Atlanta?

Ludacris: Georgia is my home, and Florida is my second home. Both markets have extreme cognac drinkers and we wanted to start here in the South as a test. We're getting great feedback, product is moving, and we're extremely happy, especially in Miami, where people love to party, and they drink responsibly and have a good time.

Short Order: Why should people choose Conjure or over say Lil Jon's wine or Diddy's Ciroq?

Ludacris: There is no comparison, honestly speaking. We have a better-quality product.

Short Order: Would you fistfight Sammy Hagar to see who makes better liquor?

Ludacris: Who?

Short Order: Sammy Hagar -- from Van Halen, Cabo Wabo -- had a big tequila company...

Ludacris: I don't feel the need to get in a fight with dude. If anything, I'd give him a bottle of Conjure and take a bottle of his tequila.

Short Order: Does Conjure go well with food and how?

Ludacris: Absolutely. For sure. You can cook with it or pair it with different foods, but mostly it's an after-dinner-type thing -- have a cigar and a cognac glass, that's usually how people do it, but there's no method to the madness.

Short Order: Where are your favorite places to eat in South Florida?

Ludacris: I'm a fan of Meat Market and Prime 112. Up in Fort Lauderdale, I love, love, love Café Martorano. That's, like, my favorite restaurant.

Short Order: Do they sell Conjure there?

Ludacris: I don't know if you've been to Martorano's, but they can only sell beer and wine -- we're working on it. But at Meat Market and Prime 112, you can go to either one of those places and get it.

Short Order: If Conjure was a woman, would she have thick legs? Who would she be?

Ludacris: She would be perfection. Halle Berry mixed with Janet Jackson mixed with J.Lo.

Short Order: If Conjure was a movie, what genre?

Ludacris: Shit. I'd say action.

Short Order: If Conjure was a hurricane, what category?

Ludacris: Category 6.

Short Order: If Conjure was a clothing line, what designer?

Ludacris: Louis Vuitton.

Short Order: If Conjure was a girl at the club, easy lay or hard to get?

Ludacris: Hard to get.

Short Order: If you woke up next to Conjure, leave quietly or stay for breakfast?

Ludacris: Stay for breakfast.

Short Order: Conjure at the club or Conjure on the couch?

Ludacris: Both.

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