Ciro's Kitchen Bar & Grill Is A Global Thing

Ciro's Kitchen Bar & Grill is a new restaurant that recently opened up where El Guayacan used to be (don't feel bad, I can't remember where El Guayacan used to be either). World Fusion Cuisine reads the ad, which right off the bat differentiates the food from the dreaded American Fusion Cuisine (clam chowder gumbo, anyone?). But seriously ladies and sprouts, Ciro's menu really does fly around the globe. Nachos, tableside guacamole, pollo Poblano "with chef Ciro's mole sauce"; ceviche, shrimp bisque Provencale, truffled parmesan fries; Caprese salad, sherry pineapple pork, grilled Alaskan salmon with champagne sauce. Plus plenty more, including fried "Tucan chicken wings with tequila sauce", which I believe originate from Tucany. Most entrees run $15 to $25.

Ciro's Kitchen Bar & Grill, 9857 SW 40th St. 305-559-6655.

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