Epic Hotel Cleared In Death of Tourist From Legionnaire's Disease

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Jacob Katel
Looking out the window of a private dining room in the Epic Hotel's Area 31 restaurant.
Breaking news: The AP, The Miami Herald, and NBC Miami report that Miami-Dade health officials have cleared downtown Miami's Epic Hotel of responsibility in the death of a tourist from Legionnaires' disease, a type of flu.

The man did not contract any sickness from the Epic Hotel, though he did stay there. In a Wednesday night press conference, Dr. Vincent Conte, the health department's chief epidemiologist, said the strain that killed the tourist has been definitely traced to a different source.

Officials have not said where he caught the bug or if it was even in South Florida. 

Two others who caught Legionnaire's, but recovered, also stayed at the Epic. Information on where they got sick is still being determined.

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