Farmers' Market Find: Strickly Stone Crabs Delivers, Insists You Do the Crackin'

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Jackie Sayet
Come to mama.
There's room for more than just one stone crab delivery outfit in this town, but don't expect Strickly Stone Crabs to remove the hard shell.

"We won't do it. The second the meat hits the air, it begins breaking down and losing freshness."

So said Strickly's owner, Nancy Davis, when we paid her a visit yesterday at the newly opened Pinecrest Farmers Market (5855 SW 111th St., Pinecrest; Sundays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. through April.)

Strickly is unlike George's, another delivery service that recently cropped up in Miami. Davis, who has been in business two years, won't touch the shells of these beauties even if you beg and plead. 

But hold on. Does she actually expect us to lift a finger and do our own shelling before we gorge ourselves on the flesh of this uniquely South Florida treat? The nerve to think we must wait!  We decided to take a satchel of seven mediums home to put our skills to the test. Turns out all you need is the back of a solid spoon. It's worth the little effort... so much more beautiful, and even a little fun too!

Jackie Sayet
They mean business.
Jackie Sayet
Bins in the refrigerated truck are sorted by medium, large, and jumbo. Mediums, the sweet ones, were all that were left. Why do people think bigger is always better? (Score!)
Jackie Sayet
Mustard sauce is not traditional. We like its kick of cayenne.
Jackie Sayet
Friggin' fleckin' fabulous.
Jackie Sayet
Beauties ready for breaking.
Jackie Sayet
Did you know stone crabs have freckles?
final cracked.JPG
Jackie Sayet
Jackie Sayet
Shell we eat?
Strickly Stone Crabs
To place an order, call 305-803-6875 seven days a week. 
(Ten-pound minimum for delivery, but they'll go anywhere in Dade County.)

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