Fin, Jonathan Eismann's New Joint in the Design District, Sneak Preview

Jacob Katel
Chef Jonathan Eismann has a bright idea at his new restaurant's bar.
"We're doing great. Everything's totally perfect and organized" says Chef Jonathan Eismann with a sly smile.

"Look. The last week before opening a restaurant is really frantic, and we're three weeks away officially. We're actually gonna be doing a special private event here in a week, but the idea of that is to show the guests a restaurant before it opens, that it doesn't just happen, things are under construction. At this point, we've stopped making punch lists for everything and are just going at it organically. It's exciting."

Eismann speaks of his two new Design District joints -- Q, serving American barbecue, and Fin, a fish house. The connected restaurants are across the street from his Pizza Volante and around the corner from his Pacific Time.

Here's a sneak peek at Fin.


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