Free Leblon Cachaca Last Night at Primary Flight Opening Party at Art Center South Florida

Jacob Katel
When art makes you thirsty......
Leblon Cachaca sponsored last night's drinks for the "Blue Print For Space" exhibit opening at Art Center South Florida (800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach).

The exhibition features work by street and graffiti artists and is affiliated with the Primary Flight project, the world's largest site-specific street level mural installation.

Cachaca is a liquor made from fermented sugarcane, mostly in Brazil, where it's the most popular distilled beverage in the country. Cachaca is the main ingredient in the Caipirinha, a drink made with lime and sugar.

Leblon Cachaca is exploring the enormous crossover potential of their product in the U.S. market through a major promotional push in Miami. They'd probably like to see the Caipirinha overtake the Mojito as the reference point for tourists and the world when they drink of Miami.


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