Lunch Eater: Om Garden's Mock Tuna Salad Sandwich Special

Jackie Sayet
Om Garden's generously portioned Mock Tuna Salad Sandwich Special also comes with a side salad and cup of Russian beet and chickpea slaw for $12
Raw veganism is alive and well at Om Garden. Like owner Dionette Kalkhofer, I first sampled such delights at Lifefood Gourmet (which used to occupy the space above Om Garden.) It was love at first bite. Flavorful, colorful, and healthy, vegan food prepared without heat above 118 degrees Fahrenheit is a feast for the eyes and the body. My preconceptions were debunked. She started a restaurant.

Possibly the best thing about eating raw and vegan is the way you feel after a meal. Rather than lulling into a food coma, you are invigorated! So if you don't strictly adhere to this type of lifestyle, there is no better time of day to flirt with it than a workday lunch. Trust me, your clients (and bosses) will thank you for it.

Om Garden has been at its location in The Roads/Shenandoah (the area in between Brickell and Coral Gables around Coral Way) for a little over a year and a half. On a recent visit, Kalkhofer divulged that they are currently in negotiations for a bigger space on South Beach. It's where I first met her, when we were both munching on pizzas at then newly opened Casale.

On the specials menu the other day was the Mock Tuna Salad Sandwich on Raw Onion Bread.  It called my name and did not disappoint. Shredded romaine lettuce got a light toss in an eggplant-based dressing and was piled high atop a juicy red tomato slice, layers of crunchy, thinly-sliced pickled cucumbers, and a base of bean curd fashioned into a yummy tuna salad-like mixture.  This beauty, times two, rested open-faced on a raw onion bread pita-like base, with a nest of sprouts on top.

With the special came a cup with beautiful magenta beets, cubed and tossed with slivered cabbage and re-hydrated chick peas (the ones that are dried and not from a can.)  A side salad of mesclun greens accompanied.

Jackie Sayet
Daily specials are always welcome, as are nice music and pretty paintings.
Jackie Sayet
Take a closer look at raw foods; you won't be disappointed.

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