Ritz-Carlton South Beach New Year's Eve Party, No Cover, Oceanside

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Jacob Katel
Bar top, South Beach.
New Year's Eve is not only a full moon but also a blue moon.

A blue moon is an extra-full moon. We had one December 2, and that occurs only once every few years from the accumulation of the calendar year's excess days against the lunar cycle.

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach will host a full-moon party with no cover charge at its oceanside bar and restaurant, the DiLido Beach Club.
Lead mixologist Ramsey Pimentel has a slew of new $7, full-moon-special, exclusive-recipe, Don Q rum drinks made using kitchen-fresh produce and liquid nitrogen that will be featured along with the regular food and drink menu.

Here are some more shots of drinks.

Liquid nitrogen cucumber mojito with mint, lime, and Don Q Limón.
Bubbly Passion: Champagne, Don Q Cristal rum, carambola, passion fruit.
Kumquat Cocktail: lavender, limoncella, clementine, Don Q Limón rum.
Bubbly Passion (left), and Top Hat Colada: coconut rum, cream of coconut, tropical juices, and chunks of fresh pineapple.
Line em' up.
Ramsey says his goal is to "bring the world's continents into drinks by using different kitchen products, herbs, syrups, and fruits. I cook our simple syrup with different ingredients that I see the chef, Jeff McInnis, working with. With the cucumber mojito I wanted to make something with less bitterness. The water content of the cucumber really cuts down on it, and then you have the mint and lime flavor, and instead of ice, we use 300 degrees below zero liquid nitrogen to keep the cocktail to its optimal temperature."


This lucky family scored a couple of free drinks courtesy of the Ritz Carlton. We quit drinking on the job.

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