Where it At: Pecan Pie

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Denny's Pecan Pie_RGB_opt.jpg
What it is: Pecan pie.

Sure looks good. Is this the work of Hedy Goldsmith? Does it come from one of our top steak houses?  Where it at?.

Where it at: Denny's. Yup, that's right. But before you go pooh-poohing it, keep in mind that this is the peak pie-giving time of year -- a habit that can become quite expensive if you get invited to enough holiday dinners. Epicure charges $15.95 for it's pecan pie, but this one retails for just $8.99 (or a buck more or less, depending upon location) -- an eminently reasonable amount of money. Go nuts. Buy four and have yourself a Denny's Grand Slam for the sweet tooth.

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