100 Favorite Dishes: Herb-basted Chicken Pot Pie from Gables Diner

Photo by Riki Altman
As a countdown to New Times' "Best of Miami" 2010, Short Order is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in the 305. Send your nominations to cafe@miaminewtimes.com.

97. Herb-basted Chicken Pot Pie from Gables Diner

Now we all know pot pies can go terribly, terribly wrong. Sometimes the dough is too dry or rubbery and sometimes the creamy innards remind us more of... well, we'll just say it--semen, instead of sauce. But not on Gables Diner's version. Puncture the flakey, not too dense pastry crust and allow a small puff of steam to escape, then plunge a fork down to find mushrooms, peas, pearl onions, bits of carrot, and squares of honest-to-goodness white meat chicken in a light, perfectly complementary velouté. It almost makes you wish for more chilly days... Nah.

Hungry for more? The dishes in our countdown thus far are linked below:

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