100 Favorite Dishes: Lechon Asado at El Palacio de los Jugos

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Photo by Riki Altman
As a countdown to New Times' "Best of Miami" 2010, Short Order is serving up 100 of our favorite dishes in the 305. Send your nominations to cafe@miaminewtimes.com.

81. Lechon Asado at El Palacio de los Jugos

If you're one of those folks who trust a better meal can often be had outside of those white tablecloth spots, take a taste of the lechon asado at El Palacio de los Jugos. It's the holy grail of porkness. Let alone the fact that, for less than $8, you'll be served enough pork, rice, beans, and yucca to literally feed anyone for three solid days, the aroma that emanates from the Styrofoam container is enough to make a grown man (or woman) gaga. Soft, tender ropes of glistening pork taunt the tongue with their smoky, light flavor, while extras like rings of steamed onions, bacon bits, and a huge hunk of golden pig skin on top of the whole pile make it that much over the top. And the kicker is, none of it is greasy.

Kosher? No more.

El Palacio de los Jugos
5721 W. Flagler Street, Miami

Hungry for more? The dishes in our countdown thus far are linked below:

100. Warm Buffala Mozzarella With Clay-Baked Roma Tomatoes and Eggplant at Timo
99. Butter Sweet Potato Pecan Cheesecake at the Mahogany Grille
98. Jerk Penne Pasta at Ortanique on the Mile
97. Herb-Basted Chicken Potpie at Gables Diner
96. Calzone Brooklynese at Pizza Volante
95. Deep-Fried Frogs' Legs at Coopertown Airboats in the Florida Everglades
94. Caramelized Onion Quiche at La Provence
93. Huevo Frito con Patatas, Jamón y Setas at Solea
92. Side of Bone Marrow Served With Steak at BLT Steak in the Betsy Hotel, South Beach
91. Swordfish at the Oceanaire Seafood Room
90. Twice-baked upside-down Gruyère cheese soufflé at Pascal's On Ponce
89. BBQ Shrimp at Red Light Little River
88. Thai Spring Rolls at the Asian Cultural Festival at Fruit and Spice Park
87. Sunday Fish Fry at the Shantel Lounge
86. Old Dirty Dawg at gastroPod Miami
85. Vegan Ding Dong at Lido at the Standard
84. Mahi-Mahi Tacos at Fish Shack & Market
83. Moroccan Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Elie's Café
82. Spicy Tuna Rock at Asia Bay

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