Five iPhone Apps for Cooks and Food Lovers

The iPhone is annoying for some, addictive for others. Love or hate it, the phone has won over a lot of us. And it's only natural that among the thousands of applications made for it, there would be many catering to cooks and food lovers. Though you might not be using these every day, you'd be surprised at how they randomly come in handy. Here our favorite five.

5. Wine Ph.D

Serious wine lovers can search the database by wine name, producer, varietal, region, and food pairings. For the less wine savvy, it comes in handy at the store if you want to see tasting notes and ratings on what you're about to buy or if you need a wine that pairs well with what you're eating later.

Runnerup: Fromage ($2.99). For the cheese lover, this database tells you what you need to know about a particular cheese and which wines it pairs with.



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