Soup Nazi, Um, Original SoupMan Soups Now Available at Publix

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Photo courtesy of 5W Public Relations
Don't worry, this man won't be behind the counter.
You might not have been aware that February is National Soup Month or that the Original SoupMan soups are now available in frozen form at your favorite Publix -- assuming your favorite Publix isn't the brand-new, fancy-shmancy one on the corner of Alton Road and Sixth Street in South Beach. That branch doesn't have the SoupMan yet. The Publix at 1920 West Ave. carries four of the ten varieties (check out Aisle 12), as does the one at 1045 Dade Blvd. (seafood bisque for $4.49, and chicken vegetable, Italian wedding, and broccoli and cheese for $3.49). An employee at the Dade Boulevard store said she had tried the seafood bisque and "it was really delicious."

Photo courtesy of 5W Public Relations
The SoupMan is Al Yeganeh, AKA the Soup Nazi spoofed in the infamous Seinfeld episode. Somehow the PR firm representing Mr. Yeganeh has figured that an association with Nazis, Seinfeld-related or not, can't be good for business; the only reference to the sitcom is a tongue-in-cheek boast of being "the soup that made Seinfeld famous."

Consumers can also purchase online, where 5 percent of all sales from the Original SoupMan Online Store are donated to Al Yeganeh's Feed the Hungry Foundation. So you see, beneath the gruff, the man is a compassionate soup you-know-what.

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