SBWFF 2010: FIU Student Workers Make It Happen

Jacob Katel
Susan Gladstone, adjunct professor of special event management at FIU and Activation Director at SBWFF.
South Beach Wine and Food Festival is here, but it wouldn't be without the FIU student volunteers who gain invaluable real world experience by creating the infrastructure, handling the logistics, cooking the food, dealing with sponsors, and a million other jobs that nobody thinks about while they're drunk in a tent on the beach.

Susan Gladstone says, "It's a very large production, we're building an entire city in 10 days."

Student volunteers tour the site during prep.
FIU students Chanel and Bridget discuss exhibitor coordination.
Bridget Pietsch says, "We work real hard all year. When this ends we have a little break and then we're right back into planning for next year. This year I'm the assistant exhibitor coordinator. Next year I'll be THE exhibitor coordinator."



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