SBWFF 2010: Daniel Boulud, Morimoto, and Friends Haiti Benefit at Tap Tap

Chefs Daniel Boulud, Masaharu Morimoto, Kris Wessel, and Jose Garces teamed up last night for a Haiti benefit dinner at South Beach's Kreyol landmark Tap Tap restaurant.

Jacob Katel
Chef Daniel Boulud in the kitchen at Tap Tap on South Beach.
Wessel said the event, organized by South Beach Wine and Food Festival director Lee Brian Schrager, came together via twitter. "Lee put out a tweet about wanting to do this, and me and a bunch of other chefs thought it was a great idea. That's how it happened."

The chef's efforts were bolstered by the strength of their own cooks, the Tap Tap staff, FIU student volunteers, and Ingrid Hoffman, who lent her Latin Burger and Taco truck to the cause.

Team Wessel cooked from a tent in the parking lot. The Iron Chef and his squad worked from Hoffman's top of the line mobile kitchen, and Boulud toqued in house. Philadelphia Chef Jose Garces handled dessert from under another tent in the parking lot.

Lee Schrager at work.

Hello world. Live from South Beach.
Tap Tap from 5th street.
The early crowd having drinks outside before the storm hit.
A sold-out house of 250 took on a menu of traditional Haitian appetizers prepared by Tap Tap staff, specialty Belvedere drinks prepared by Ingrid Hoffman, and epis bread with lime butter dipping sauce, "Mirliton Blanche" white shrimp stuffed chayote, Morimoto yellowtail pastrami with panzanella, red wine braised short ribs with winter root vegetables and chanterelles, and coconut tapioca with passion fruit, semisweet chocolate cremeux and quinoa chicharrones for dessert.

But while the crowd soaked up the authentic Kreyol sounds of Manno Charlemagne and his band,

Tap Tap's vibrantly folk art decorated interior.
Rain clouds descended on South Beach, forcing FIU school of hospitality students to form an umbrella line to bring food from the outdoor kitchens.

Kris Wessel makes his move.
3 plates, 2 hands, 1 storm.
Iron Chef Morimoto remains calm beneath the storm.

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