Top 10 Cereal Mascots We'd Like to Screw for Valentine's Day

Categories: Confessions
Sure red meat makes you horny. And Spanish fly is the greatest of all aphrodisiacs. But what red-blooded American wouldn't want a cereal mascot to keep his or her hunger satisfied on Valentine's Day, too? As to what each one could provide in the lovin' department, well...

1. Tony Tiger's a manly man. And his "Greeeeaaat!" growl sure as hell sounds like he's having an orgasm.

2, 3, & 4. Heck, the only thing better than a threesome is a foursome. Bring on those Rice Krispies boys (but tell 'em to leave the tacky costumes at home).

5. The Lucky Charms leprechaun can probably do some crazy shit with those green clovers. And don't forget he's all about those yellow moons. How romantic!

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